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IDEAM - National Forest Monitoring in Colombia

 The Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Colombia added CLASlite to its forest monitoring toolkit in support of its efforts to monitor and track deforestation in Colombia.  These efforts have borne a national-level approach to estimating deforestation at two reference scales.  The first, at a spatial resolution of 250 meters, is conducted annually to identify hotspots of active deforestation.  The second, at a finer resolution of 30 meters, is completed every four years to refine and improve the precision of the country’s deforestation estimates.
Colombia - IDEAM - National Forest Monitoring with CLASlite
For more information, visit IDEAM’s website for a detailed technical report and operational protocols from the project:  “Institutional, Technical, and Scientific Capacity to support Reducing Emissions from Deforestation- REDD in Colombia.”
Technical Report (PDF) – “Cuantificación de la tasa de deforestación para Colombia
Protocol for national level estimates of deforestation (PDF) – “Procesamiento Digital de Imágenes para la cuantificación de la deforestación en Colombia. Nivel Nacional
Protocol for sub-national estimates of deforestation (PDF) – “Procesamiento Digital de Imágenes de sensores remotos para la cuantificación de la deforestación. Nivel Subnacional